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Reality TV Program for Young Entrepreneurs

Annual Reality TV program for young Entrepreneurs from all over
the Niger-Delta sub region between ages 21 to 35

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Our vision

To raise the next crop of successful entrepreneurs

With high business net-worth who will create jobs,
eschew moral values, and transform the
Niger-Delta sub region.

The Grind Season 2

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In this section, we collect information about you such as your name, residence, contact details & more.

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  • Scout

    Search for aspiring Entrepreneurs ready to build for the future of the Niger Delta region

  • Nurture

    Building capacity to transform Entrepreneurs into leading successful businesses

  • Support

    Provide the tools and resources needed to grow

  • Mentorship

    The guide, network and care to take Entrepreneurs through the times that matter - growing

  • Community

    Network characterized by knowledge-sharing, collaboration and opportunities

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The Grind Entrepreneurial Reality TV

The Grind Entrepreneurial Reality TV is a program that seeks to identify, nurture and support young early-stage entrepreneurs from and around the Niger-Delta sub region between 21 and 35 years in order to educate, mentor and empower them towards leading successful businesses with high economic impact for the region.

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Mentorship Program

Get supported by seasoned professionals and industry leaders willing to take you by the hand to business growth with world class mentorship

The Grind TV Series

Lifestyle make-over, mentor participation, season-long competitions and business training slated to air on Nigerian Television.

Business Leadership Program

Learn from the masters. Develop The Insights, Skills And Leadership Styles To Influence And Inspire Others.

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