The Grind Reality TV Show

The Grind Entrepreneurial Reality TV is a program that seeks to identify, nurture and support young early-stage entrepreneurs from and around the Niger-Delta sub region between 21 and 35 years in order to educate, mentor and empower them towards leading successful businesses with high economic impact for the region.

The focus of this program is to work with young startups to navigate the peculiarities of running specific businesses, while enhancing their skills, showcasing their ingenuity, equipping them with necessary business resources, and, by extension, teaching viewers skills needed to build successful businesses.

This program was born out of the need to harmonize the media, entertainment and entrepreneurship which are growing area/sectors within the Niger Delta sub region and peculiar to young people. With more than 55% being youths within the 15 -35 years age brackets and a growing population and increased concern to diversify the economy away from only oil and gas. This is in addition to the hostile business environment, security issues, cultism and increasing unemployment; The Grind TV is a way to activate the creative economy within the region

Our work on The Grind

Our Objective

The objective is to work with young startup founders to navigate the peculiarities of running specific businesses, while enhancing their skills, and showcasing their ingenuity. These entrepreneurs are equipped with necessary business education, skills, resources, and, engaged over the resident period in a fun, game-like and entertaining environment.

Our Mission

To ignite the enterprise spirit among youths in the Niger Delta region via education, training, mentorship, and support so they can lead a successful business, and contribute to the GDP of the region through job creation and economic impact.

Our Vision

To raise the next crop of successful entrepreneurs creating high-valued startups which will create jobs, eschew moral values, and transform the Niger-Delta sub region.

Purpose of the program

  1. To pursue United Nations SDG goals 1,2,3,8,9,10
  2. Social emancipation of the youths by killing the entitlement mentality.
  3. Socio-economic awareness by the discourse of ‘Life beyond Oil’.
  4. Engender the conversation on the knowledge and Creative Economy.
  5. Develop skills & Create jobs with the program for the participants & staff


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