Reality TV

15 start-up founders spend a week, away from family and friends to sharpen their business acumen and build valuable relationships with industry professionals. At the end, only one group of three founders will win the ultimate sponsorship prize.

A Message From The Founder

Welcome to The Grind TV Show. The focus of this program is to work with young startups to navigate the peculiarities of running specific businesses, while enhancing their skills, showcasing their ingenuity, equipping them with necessary business resources, and, by extension, teaching viewers skills needed to build successful businesses. Unlike other reality shows with eviction slots, none of the fifteen (15) housemates will be evicted. Our goal is not to make anyone feel less qualified, rather, to equip those who get into the house with the necessary skills of entrepreneurship from start to finish.
Mr. Ernest Gosple

The Grind TV Series

The Grind TV is a bi- annual Reality TV program for young Entrepreneurs from all over the Niger-Delta sub region who are between the ages of 21 to 35 in the Hospitality, Media and Digital Marketing, Agriculture, and Fashion industry. Regardless of their background, these contestants/housemates will get to spend weeks, immersing themselves in relevant business knowledge.

Wey E Dey Happen

Wey E Dey Happen is an online event management and advertising company that was established in 2017, a creative powerhouse specializing in all aspect of online brand management, social media promotions, online campaign, event promotions and ticket sales.We are a full service online event management company that delivers creative concepts, with high level engagement of clients.


In the past few decades, reality shows were thought to be just a trend in the entertainment and TV industry. But the advent of technology and our way of life as humans have changed that idea, because reality shows are now the current staple on television; they have become the standard and everyone is jumping on board to get their concept televised to ready viewers.


To equip startups in Niger Delta with the right resources for innovation;
To encourage enterprise spirit among young entrepreneurs;
To provide hands-on mentorship for startup entrepreneurs in Niger-Delta;
To inspire a greater number of youths aspire become renown entrepreneursTo serve as an alternative to violence and crime;

Success Factors

Start with a reputation

Utilize our team personality

 Tailor our message

 Take regular questions and gather feedback

 Be concrete on our stories

 End programs with memory cues for engagements and suspense.