Our Management Team

Gospel Ernest (Executive Producer)

Gospel Ernest is the co-founder of Wey E! Dey Happen Limited - a fast leading new media and marketing communications company in Nigeria; producers of The Grind Entrepreneurial Reality TV Series for Niger Delta’s entrepreneurs.

Ernest is a serial entrepreneur and business expert. He has extensive knowledge in business development, information system management and web development.

Isaac Godwin (Head, Media)

Isaac Godwin is a media entrepreneur among the leading Content Creators in the Niger Delta region. He is the founder and CEO of 818TV - one of the fastest growing new media platforms serving indigenous contents.

As an on-demand media service consultants and providers, 818TV has created contents and campaign promotions for numerous brands across a range of sectors including the media, events lifestyle and hospitality sectors.

Owen Shedrack (Head, Documentation & Program)

Owen Shedrack is the Executive Director and founder of “The Groth Innovation Centre” (Groth HQ) - a business incubator, enterprise resource and support centre, and innovation hub.

Although trained an educator, curriculum specialist and educational technologist from the University of Port Harcourt, he has an extensive career in business development, new media and publishing with more than five years’ experience in marketing and brand communication spanning sectors. He was listed in 2019 by AfriGrowth Foundation including 99 young amazing Africans on the AfriGrowth 100 Impact Creators.

Nkem Owuamalam (Assistant Executive Producer)

Nkem Owuamalam is a graduate of University of Hertfordshire Business school and Customer Experience Consultant whose experience working with Multinationals such as H3G, Shebang and EE UK has earned him a seat at the Table of consultants across sub-saharan Africa.

Standfame Ajalaja (Cinematographer)

Stanfame Ajalaja holds more than 10 years’ experience in the film inductry as a filmmaker and cinematographer. He is the founder and CEO of Green Neighborhood Films Limited - a major film production in Nigeria and Key players in the Nollywood film industry.

Clement Deedum Kelvin (Media)

Clement Deedum Kelvin is an astute photographer and editor. He is founder and CEO of “KEL ON LENS” - a contract based multimedia editing company in Port Harcourt who is serving “Saviola Shot” - Sierra Leonian multimedia brand. He works with Goldcity Entertainment Nigeria as partners and currently lead the Photography team as official photographer for The Grind Tv Reality show

Araka Edna (Budget Analyst)

Araka Edna graduated from the University of NIgeria, Nsukka as a trained Psychologist, and as welll a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Psychology. She is savvy banker with mor than 6 years’ cross secoral experiences with numberous banks. Edna puts her psychological experience to work as Head of Customer Service in NAHCO - one of the leading Avaition Handling Companies in Nigeria.

George Faaye (Content Creator)

George Faaye is a creative consultant and the CEO of VERIFIED COMPANY. His sphere of interest covers media, events and business support. He’s passion is to build systems and platforms that build and promote potentials and talent.


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